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Welcome to BabelZilla
Written by BabelZilla Team   
Saturday, 12 June 2004
Our site and community are dedicated to provide localizations to extensions (for Mozilla-family apps using Gecko)
  • developers (or their representative) upload their extension(s) using the Web Translation System (WTS)
  • then volunteer translators around the world provide localization for free. That simple.

For all nations which don't have English as national language it is very important to have their locale included in the official author's build, because if a user looks for an extension in big web sites such as addons.mozilla.org they will find the extension in their language immediately. Moreover, if the locale is not included in the official build, the user will find XUL errors if they automatically update the extension with Firefox or another Mozilla application.
Because of this fact, we decided to start a world project, named BabelZilla, with the goal to internationalize the extensions!
Thus we contribute to spread open source applications worldwide.
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Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 January 2014 )
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Currently Babelzilla provides localizations for 1137 extensions. Localizers for 202 languages contributed a total of 21230 localizations.
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