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EZBBC Toolbar mod for FluxBB translation request

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#1 jojaba


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Posted 19 September 2010 - 10:51 AM

Hi all smile.gif

In the last time my interests are focused to a simple but powerfull board : FluxBB
I made a Mod for this board and would like to have it in several languages. Not much to translate. This few lines (what you see right of the arrow):
'Plugin in action'        =>    'Plugin in action!',
'Plugin disabled'        =>    'The plugin has been disabled.',
'Plugin wrong installation'     =>      'The plugin seems not to be installed properly. Please click on the enable button to reinstall it',
'Style changed'                 =>      'The style has been modified!',
'Date format'                =>    'Y/m/d \a\t H:m',
'Plugin title'                =>    'EZBBC Toolbar',
'Description title'        =>    'Description',
'Explanation'                =>    'This plugin allows the users to use a simple BBCode insertion toolbar.<br />Each time you update the installation of the FluxBB boards, you should go back to this page to reinstall this plugin.',
'Form title'                =>    'Information and actions',
'Change style'                  =>      'Change the style',
'Legend style'                  =>      'Please select the Toolbar style',
'Legend status'                =>    'Here are all the information you have to know about the plugin status.',
'Toolbar preview'               =>      'Toolbar preview',
'No preview'                    =>      'No preview available',
'Plugin version'                =>      'EZBBC Toolbar plugin version:',
'Installation date'        =>    'This version of the plugin has been installed on',
'Plugin status'                =>    'Plugin status:',
'Enable'            =>    'Enable EZBBC Toolbar',
'Disable'            =>    'Disable EZBBC Toolbar',

//For the Javascript file
'Ask url'                    =>    'What is the URL? (beginning with \"http://\", \"https://\", \"ftp://\" or \"www.\")',
'Ask label'                     =>    'What is the label?',
'Ask author'                    =>    'What is the author?',
'Ask quotation'                =>    'What is the quotation?',
'Ask color'                     =>      'What Color?',
'Ask color explanation'         =>      'You can type keywords like \"blue\", \"green\", \"red\", \"purple\" or hex values like \"#DDDDDD\"',
'Ask colorized text'            =>      'Text that has to be colorized',
'Ask title'                     =>      'What is the title text?',
'Ask email'                     =>      'What is the E-mail address? (containing \"@\")',
'Ask url img'                    =>    'What is the URL? (beginning with \"http://\", \"https://\" or \"ftp://\")',
'Ask alt'                       =>      'What is the alternative text? (this text displays in case the image doesn\'t display for any reason)',
'Ask item'                      =>      'Item #', //After that string the item number is displayed
'Ask item explanation'          =>      'If you don\'t want to add more items to the list, just leave the field empty and click on \"OK\" button or hit the \"Enter\" key.',

//For the toolbar
'Bold'                        =>    'Bold',
'Underline'                =>    'Underline',
'Italic'                =>    'Italic',
'Strike-through'            =>    'Strike-through',
'Delete'                =>    'Delete',
'Insert'            =>    'Insert',
'Emphasis'            =>    'Emphasis',
'Colorize'                =>    'Colorize',
'Heading'                =>    'Heading',
'URL'                        =>    'Insert URL Link',
'E-mail'                =>    'Insert E-mail Link',
'Image'                    =>    'Insert Image',
'Quote'                         =>      'Quote',
'Code'                          =>      'Code',
'Unordered List'                =>      'Unordered List',
'Ordered List'                  =>      'Numbered Ordered List',
'Alphabetical Ordered List'     =>      'Alphabetical Ordered List',
'Toolbar help'                  =>      'EZBBC Toolbar help'

...and a help file (I'm affraid there is more translation for it).
If your interested in translate in your language please go to this Topic: http://fluxbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=35345#p35345

Thanks in advance, Jojaba
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