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Thursday, 28 September 2023
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Written by Goofy   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008
We are very pleased to welcome a new bird in our show. This is starting point of SLOT [Spicebird Langpack Online Translation] operation!
As you may have noticed, we have been hosting here Spicebird langpack for a while. There were necessary steps and tests before having it available for translators. Now it is done, special courtesy of Jürgen (aka Fenian) who did his best during so many hours to make it possible.

What was so special?
Hey folks, first of all you must install Spicebird
on your system, it is just an amazing open-source app (yes it is free and will remain so), but the current version (still in beta) is English-only.

See this statement by the dev team
[quote]Spicebird is a collaboration suite that simplifies communication for users by providing integrated access to the various tools of collaboration, like email, calendaring, and instant messaging, in a single application. It provides easy access to various Web services while retaining all the advantages of a desktop application. The application is built on top of Mozilla Thunderbird, Sunbird, and Xmpp4moz.

In the current version of Spicebird (Beta 0.4), users can:
  • Access email from their service provider using POP/IMAP protocols
  • Manage schedule using calendar and tasks applications
  • Subscribe to others' public calendars
  • Read news/blogs using RSS subscriptions
  • Manage contacts
  • Chat with friends by using their gtalk or other Jabber accounts
Spicebird has a long road ahead to become a comprehensive communications suite. The next release Beta 0.7 is planned in June. We invite your contributions to release Spicebird in your language.
The effort involved in the localizing Spicebird to a language is small if Thunderbird and/or Mozilla Calendar are already translated to the desired locale.[/quote]

And now you understand: with the efficient help of the very kind and patient sunilmohan from Spicebird dev team, Fenian managed to have the WTS processing a full langpack!

So the challenge for Babelzilla translators community is now to provide as many languages as possible to this new bird next version.

Some important observations:

1. Spicebird langpack is a little monster (compared to our usual extensions size) with more than 400 files to translate, so obviously it should be a team work, at least a main translator can manage but will require proofreading and help from a large number of other contributors. Also, it is a long-term involvment for a language team because this bird is just surfacing, there will be more development and probably interface updates in the coming months/years smile.gif . BabelZillian moderators are kindly requested to promote this operation on their language forums and national portals, recruit and manage teams and so on.

2. Spicebird langpack is already partly translated for all languages where a translation has been made for Thunderbird and Sunbird, so in many cases the heavy work is reduced when already translated files are injected on the wts. An example: we tested migration of Italian files from Sunbird and Thunderbird and now the translation work for it-IT is 89% done smile.gif
If you wish your language files to be filled with already existing stuff, do not upload the files ten by ten but send a PM to Fenian who will do it asap, check and give you the ok signal.

3. A first step for the SLOT operation is to welcome already existing translators for de-DE and fr-FR who did a very good job on Spicebird cvs system. Their work is now available on the WTS. As they are familiar with the files but not familiar with the WTS, they will tell us if any problem.
Second and final step will be within a week or less: translation is open for all languages!

We hope this challenge is exciting and translators will take the occasion of a useful contribution to the open source community smile.gif


BabelZilla Team
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 June 2008 )
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